exploring tenjin#1


Yamakasa 2008


Angklung - on the hand of japanese women

Watanabe Reiko, Niiya Takae, Tamura Teruyo.

They performed Sakura Sakura, Bengawan Solo, Symphony No. 5 Beethoven, Indonesia Pusaka, neither used shamisen nor koto.

Sets of Angklung came into Acros Tenjin on 7th June by Indah Putri, the group’s label, and they showed the spectators how to harmonize their diatonic sounds

The West Java’s on the hands of Japanese

met the piano to enrich the sound

behind the grand

yokohama-based frontwoman


And....it was the end.....in front of fully-seated event hall. And everyone happy!

all pics are courtesy of C Nugraha who took the moment just for documentation purposes and not for commercial uses.


the bricks maker

Having no land for farming, they agreed to spend 2 days on the ship, and other days at their camps. They are from the “island of the salt” to look for a better life with making the bricks from the clayed soil, in the heart of Borneo.
a simple working place
with the unsold products..
uses the souvenir from a politician, with the old song about better life in this country..the camps...no furniture inside.stays with nothing...and crying.. Arief, 8 years old, no money for going to a state-elementary school, and spends the time for the bricks with his father and brother....


HakDon 0820

".....Boasting over 800 years of history, Dontaku is attended by more than 2 million people, making it the Japanese festival with the highest attendance during Japan's Golden Week holidays. During the festival, stages are erected throughout downtown for traditional performances and a parade of floats is held. The full name is Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri. The festival was stopped for seven years during the Meiji era, and since it was restarted in the 12th year of the Meiji era it has been known as Hakata Dontaku..."(from Wikipedia)

It was a sunny and hot zontag. The cheerful roadsides were loaded with spectators from all walks of life just to enjoy the flowing people who mostly clapped the wooden spoon (shamoji) along 1.2 km road. Nothing special for this year except for the appearance of the Disney’s in the beginning…then, it was better to get the position and capture the scene with the yummiest takoyaki.


a novel

a novel: no title no content. no alarm no surprise. coming soon.